Contact info:
 Louis Pierce @ Rocky Hollow Ranch
Lookout Mountain
Mentone, AL 35984
Phone : 256-254-0375 Louis's cell
Mentone, AL 35984
Number and Street:
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Rocky Hollow Ranch's Mascot aptly named "Bob"
Louis on Tahoe
Louis on CMS Rock My World 
Louis on "Rocky" 
(CMS Rock My World)
 Love of Gods beautiful creatures obviously extends to the domestic kind as well.  Here is Louis with Bob and Sammy.
Louis & Bob 
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Give us a call. 
256-254-0375 (Louis's cell)
 Louis is always happy to speak with folks about his horses. 
But, There is a price to pay for all this crisp mountain air & crystal clear Mtn Streams....
 "Bad cell phone service or dead spots" 
So if at first you don't succeed... 
Leave us a Voicemail.... 
 We'll call you right back as soon as we are out of the barn or whatever deadzone we are in.

If you "must" use Email.... the link is below.
But remember, The boss doesn't do computers. or texting...
so... you'll get the secretary, off site, who'll call the boss, who'll tell the secretary what to say... and back and forth... Wouldn't you rather just pick up the phone and call him yourself...
Get it straight from the horse's mouth... so to speak. :)
We are located here... MENTONE, AL.... at red star      above.
Centrally located in the South.
To assist you in determining distance from us approx.....
Yellow = 2 hr drive
Green = 4 hr drive
Blue = 6 hr drive
Purple = 8 hr drive